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Related post: Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2004 10:49:33 EDT From: Subject: On survival island with annya and friends lolita dadYou must free little lolitas galleries be of legal age to young lolita pre teens read this story. All rights reserved do not post on others sites or sell story in any manor, read my others stories in Nifty under Author's go to kevinmjo. While this story does swit innocent lolita cp depict sex between an under age male and older males the author by no means approves of this and tell the story only to show how a mind can work. My dad (Hank) was at that time a real survival nut and I do mean nut in this case. dad had preteen russian hardcore lolita once, before I was born been in the Army and had taught a survival course for two years and this was his thing, his passion in life. I learned from the almost the womb which plants in a normal park you could eat and all that stuff.During the week dad was a dentist and had a normal life, on the weekends forget it he would hang around with a group of other survival nuts harmless I guess and I kind of humored him cause it was not easy for us since Mom had died last year in an auto accident. Just the two of us now alone. Dad Called me from his office that Saturday and was telling me that our plans for our up coming two weeks at Disney world would have to wait, seems a friend in the survival club Mike Wilson had gotten them the opportunity of a life time. Seems Mike was great friends with the owner of the survival village a 200 acre place that men in these groups paid to use as a place to pretend they were alone on preteen girls dark lolitas some island. The owner had the kdz loli top sites place closed for some repairs which would be taking place on the front 50 acres and We would be able to use the other 150 lolita 101 bbs ls acres to loli preteen nude fuck play the survival games. I was not thrilled at the idea of a week in the woods doing this silly shit but hell dad was so excited and so I agreed not like petite nude girl loli I really had a choice. Mike Wilson and his son Todd would be with us. Todd was 16 at the time and I was 15. We were kind of friends because of our dads but mostly Todd had his group of friends at school and I had mine. Todd was underage preteen lolita porn a good looking guy built really strong he was on the gym team in school and I always loved to watch him and his buddies do their workouts on the bars and love looking at his slim tight body. Mike Wilson was dad's age now at that time 35 they had gone to dental school together and had been little lolitas k9 sex friends since. Mike Wilson was not really Todd's dad rather his uncle he'd adopted Todd when Todd's dad his brother and wife died in an accident too. Like my dad Mike had kept in great shape mainly cause of this love of survival stuff he was 6'1 180 pounds of pure muscle and had flowing blonde hair that he kept in a 50's style wave in front a handsome man as lolita forced sex bbs was my hunk of a father. We arrived bbs preteens lolitas models at "Survival Island" and spent the day setting up our camp site. Thankfully the two dad's did allow some things from the real world like water and some beers lolitas no nude pics in fact lots of beer. Other wise we were to rough free no nude lolitas it as if we had been left the four of us on this deserted island. Home base was lolita nymphets top 50 a four best lolitas cp sites man tent young lolitas sister sexo with four sleeping bags. we had set the beers like 8 cases of them for the week in the creek to stay cool which was right outside our tent almost. We had other wise nothing except the cloths on our backs and knifes, no radio no flash lights nothing needless to say I was not a happy camper. My one reason to be a little happy is that I would be with underage mega lolita websites Todd and his handsome free loli gallery manga dad at some point I knew I would have to child preteen lolitas pictures see them naked. Todd and I had been sitting alone at the home base as the tent was called and the dad's off doing the survival thing. Seems Todd was as excited as I was about the whole thing but like me willing to put up with it the summer had just started and we would have the rest to enjoy being normal teens. Mike and my dad who will be known as hank from now on came into the camp each holding two rabbits in a hand. Proud as peacocks of themselves. We soon had a fire going and and two of the rabbits were cooking up while the others were stored in the creek. we sat around the fire talking and having a beer. We had all about the same outfits on that is boots. White cotton socks fatigue pants T-shirts and fatigue hats. that was all the cloths we had with us. No soap no shampoo no way for the dad's to shave. That night was so cool just being here with dad and the others and the rabbits too. not to mention because we were pretending to be on an island and had to make do dad was letting me have some beers real cool. The talk got into if we were really on an island and stranded that we preteen russian nonnude lolitas would have to be open to doing things that we would never think of doing at home. Mike was talking about a subject that sure perked up my ears.He said "You know when stuck on an island you pictures little naked loli have the problem of getting enough protein in your system and you have to free pics lolitas secondary be open to anything that will give you enough protein"Dad said "what Mike is trying to say here guy's is that when you have a buddy with you, You both have a great means of getting protein, ah that is through if you are prepared to forget some of the taboo that normal society puts on things?"Todd who I was looking at and saw his eyes get big as half dollars said "You mean that it would pink lolita top 100 be OK to suck your buddy off to get the protein from his cum?"Mike "exactly. the normal male body will have enough protein in it's cum to keep black muscle lolita movies another male or for that matter a female supplied for two weeks"Hank was smiling and said "hey guy's survival is the important thing and hell not if you are gay or not it could be a matter of life and death and protein is one thing you are going to need if you are going to make it or not"I put in my two cents saying while looking at Todd "well between us free naked lolita thumbnails guy's here and I mean this really, lolitas 6 14 yr If my life really depended on it I would do it, sure I would do it"Dad patted my knee saying "Now that is a man here who would make it if he had to without even thinking, He would be willing to do what ever it takes to survive nn free lolita pic loli 6 12 yo in the wilderness"Mike said "I would be prepared to pre lolitas asian nonude do the same little lolitas posing nude thing, Hell yes fuck what people may say its live or die."Todd looked at his preteen little lols pics dad Mike and said "Dad you would really be willing to go down on me and suck my dick to get the protein from my cum?"I was loving this conversation and hoped to keep it going lolita 14y o pics here was this hunk Todd and his dad talking about sucking each other off. My cock was snaking up in my pants. Fuck I was thinking I would suck all them off not for the protein just for the love of cock.Mike said "To be truthful Todd I would be over magic lolita free pic there now giving you the hottest blow job of your life getting all that protein out of bbs zeps lol bbs your cock man"We all laughed and Dad got us all a beer as he was sitting down again preteen lolita upskirt model he said "Now my Kevin here was honest and told the truth, So how about you Todd what would you do in a case like that?"Todd was thinking and He broke into a smile and said "OK here goes and Kevin I don't want to ever hear this repeated around school dude" Yea I would be sucking little lollitas nude russian all your cocks and doing a good job too russian lolita jpg xxx cause I want to live and hell you guy's would be sucking mine too so no big deal"I took hold of my cock, now so hard and tenting my fatigues and held it up for all to see guess the beer was working and I said "Well mine would give you all the protein you'll ever need Todd"They all laughed and Todd said "Yea Kevin I saw that monster cock free lolita cute models of yours getting big in your pants as soon as this subject came up. I think You would be willing to do it anytime vvgil lolita bbs porn survive or not." Dad nude lolas nasty pics patted my shoulder and said "Hey look around guy's all of us have hardons in our pants" I looked and sure as shit it was true Todd Mike and Dad had all gotten hard from our talk"Mike said laughing "Well I'll be honest, top lolitas free pics maybe it's the beer and all but I would not mind trading a good blow job for a good blow job back, lolita models pre teens there you go it's out there"I was looking at Todd and his lolita teen top sites mouth fell wide open once Todd got over the shock he said to his dad "Wow hardcore lolita asian porn I never thought I would hear you say that dad,"My dad said "well Todd Your dad is lolita best of sites being honest and that's sexy nn lolita galleries what we pictures of nude lolas are all here for, what do you say would you take him preteen anal loli models up on his offer to trade good blow jobs?"Todd at first shifted his feet and I thought he was about to get up and demand to be taken home? He then let a smile cross his handsome face and looked at his dad and said "Yea dad I would be more then willing to trade blow jobs with you so long as it's just us here that know about it?" guestbook lolita lo bbs he was looking at me now and I said "Hey Todd don't worry man I would never tell anyone and hell I would be more then willing to do the same myself"My dad reached over to me next to him on the ground and pulled me to him and kissed my cheek saying "Now that is what I was hoping you would say Son and i would be honored to trade blow jobs with you too"Mike stood up and i looked over at him and saw hot little lolitas models that monster cock of his pushing out his fatigues, Todd stood up lolita nude nymphets incest too and they were now in a bear hug with each other and i could see them both humping their hard cocks together. my dad stood too and offered a hand to pull me up we were now pressing our bodies together and I was loving the feel of his thick cock pressing against my hard lolits modelos bay sex cock. I had to have more and I reached down yourfilehost videos de lolitas and was undoing his pants fly it came down easy then dad undid my fly and we again pressed our hard cocks in our briefs now together. I felt the wetness on dad's briefs from his precum I then reached down and tool hold of his balls in his briefs they were massive and dad moaned as I nonude sexy lolita preteens felt hidden lolita child models his balls. I was holding them against my own yo pre teeen lolita cum filled balls for our first time dad's balls against mine a dream come true.Mike said then "we had better get this show into the tent while we still have some light left to see what is happening"I turned then to see that Todd and his dad both had their fatigue pants down around their angles and stood in white cotton briefs all tented out from tier hard cocks oh God what a sight I was nearly cum then seeing Todd the gym guy with a big hard dick. We walked into the tent. We had already had our sleeping bags on the floor all touching so it was nearly wall to wall sleeping bags. In near unison we all sat on the free lolitas preteens pics bags and were taking off our boots, the smell of the sweaty socks we all had on from the day in loli japan image boards the sun free private lolita movie filled the tent. Off came our shirts then we pulled off our pants and our cotton briefs and we all kind of took a minute to look around at each other and admire each others hard cocks. Fuck I didn't care about false feelings dirty little lolitas posing any more this was cock time I took hold of my dad's big ass cock in one hand and then Todd's thick cock in the other, then I got hold of Mike's cock having let go of Todd's and I was getting drunk on the smell tiny lolita nymphet tits of sweaty socks and cocks filling the tent. then Todd Reached over and wrapped his hand around my hard long cock I smiled at him and our eyes meet and I knew he was into this whole thing. Todd was also feeling his dad's cock at the same time. I was looking at Todd when I became aware of dad moving and then I felt dad down on my cock, Todd was still holding youmg russian lolitas naked my cock kind of feeding it into my dad's 12 yo lollita teens mouth for him, I moaned and dad was taking now almost all my 8 inches into his wet warm mouth. Todd let go of my cock then and bent down and was putting his dad's cock into his handsome mouth. As his son was slurping on his meat Mike lended over and pulled me to him and gave me a big kiss and said "Thanks Kevin for getting this all going for us" I was about to respond but couldn't cause just then dad was pushing one of his fingers into my ass hole. Oh shit dad was into ass male ass and maybe he would want to fuck me right in front of Mike a Todd?Mike said "Oh yea that's it hank push that finger into your boys hole spread that hole good for him." Todd came off his dad's big thick cock long enough to say "You want me to euro littel lolitas nude finger fuck you dad?"Mike "Oh Todd yes push that finger in my hole buddy"I was saying "oh dad dad I mi pene lolitas mpegs love your mouth on my cock and you fucking finger inside me like this, oh dad keep it up please"To my utter joy Todd the handsome gym stud came off his dad then and said "want to trade men hank and let me taste Kevin's cock now?"They did trade and now Todd was bobbing up and down on my hard wide cock and moaning and then he was putting a finger then two into my hole to replace dad's and my dad nude black preteen loli was doing the same to Mike. Mike looked over to me as we were getting sucked and finger fucked he said "We have 5 things of KY with us boys so plenty of lobe when you guy's are ready to fuck the real things in our holes" We decided to switch and now Mike was ready to suck my dad and I was positioned between the strong powerful legs of Todd His cock was then at 16 yrs old 8 inches and thick like mine I drank in the smell of his sweaty body and his dirty socks and his hairy balls. I licked first his big cum filled balls. then I licked up his wide cock shaft from the root up to his mushroom cock head and I was playing with lolita russian models gallires his tits as I did and tasting his teen precum. My finger worked into his hole and it was tight as hell he kept saying "easy Kevin easy with the finger I love it dude but I am cherry back little loli s bbs there" From seemingly nowhere a tube of KY was in front of me and I came off that hot thick dock long enough to put some on my finger then work some into Todd's hole and resumed my finger fucking and sucking. Todd was leaning back and saying "Oh fuck Kevin fuck this is great dude never stop man suck and fuck me dude oh fuck Kevin I can't last man here it fucking comes man here it fucking cums dude aaaaaaaa shit shit shit" with each free little lolitas clips shit ward his was pumping his teen cream down my throat I was banging my two lolita bbs models russian finger hard in his hole to get all that boy cum from him and Todd tasted just as I knew a hunk like him would. Mike was exploding his cum now into my dad's mouth and fuck some of it was hitting me. Now beside the sweaty socks the tent had the wonderful odor of cum in it. I was planing to now go over and suck my dad until he came in my mouth but dad had better plans. He said "Kevin give me that KY I want to fuck you cherry ass now, bust that cherry for you" I sat up on my knees and handed dad the KY and smiled then I looked down at his massive 9.2 inch wide thick cock and was having second thoughts of being able to take it in me.Todd was leaned nude lolita bss underage back on his hands and his cock soft and wet from my mouth and his cum and he was saying "Kevin dude you are going to get fucked by that fucking monster cock man holy shit dude talk about getting your cherry busted, young lolita amateur pics Man Kevin loli pre nude com I want to be sloppy seconds in you pussy"Nervously I nodded OK to Todd and then I laid down not sure this was a good idea now at all. Dad came between my hairy legs holding his thick 9.2 cock in one hand and smiling at me so warm I trusted him. He put my legs on his shoulder and then lined up that mushroom head against my virgin hole. I guess to relax me or to nude lolitas pre teens kind of take my mind off what was about to happen what ever Todd was beside me and lolitas pure nude club he was actually kissing my socked foot as free petite lolita porn dirty and sweaty as my socks were he was kissing and feeling lolita 12 13 14 them, Then Dad pushed and I spread some I the best horny lolas saw the cum hole of his cock come on into me the the rim of his wide mushroom cock was disappearing into my hole preteens lolita childrens nude no pain as I expected yet, the the first inch behind his lolita cp preteen sex mushroom cock head pushed into me and unbearable pain free priteen lolitas porn hit me I was pulling back but then Mike was holding my leg and said "No Kevin you got to stay still let dad do the fucking relax and let your cherry hole get use to it." I did much as I could it was so hard and thick I felt like underage lolita models sites I had to take a shit. Todd was now pulling off my one sock and sucking and young loli incest pics licking my bare foot. I was getting use to being spread some now and said "Dad put some more of little child lolitas cumshot it in" Dad smiled and pushed in more then more then more half of it was fucked into me and had me so spread the lola lolita bbs forum pain was going and thanks God being replaced by most incredible feeling of loving my dad's cock spreading me and wanting more of it deep ion me. Dad was good real good he was slowly pushing in just that half underage preteen lolita models then out then in the another inch and then more and soon his balls those hairy big balls were banging against my former cherry hole. Mike said "there you go Kevin you are now a male pussy, you've got your first cock in you buddy"Dad was now fucking me hard and fast and deep and hitting super anal small lolita my prostate and he said "Oh young lolita nn models yea kevin You got you dad's cock in you now boy and I am going to fuck this lolita teens free porno tight ass of yours so you love it, you want daddy to cum inside you boy?"Mike had gotten on the other side of me and at this point he was pushing his big cock into my mouth and I was smelling his sweaty balls and sucking his cock while Todd was licking my bare foot and dad was getting ready to empty his balls into my hole.Dad called out "Oh Kevin Oh fuck Kevin here it cums here cums daddy load in you boy" he hit my prostate twice in that short time and I was lolita nude photos net the one shooting my load all lolita nude art foto over him and me then it happened dad got stiff and he hit his cock head against my prostate once more and then it broke his cum was spilling into my ass filling me he collapsed on me and kissed me and I kissed him. I heard Todd say no time here the day light is going away soon. Then dad came off me and I smiled now as Todd was getting between my spread legs lining up his own massive cock head to my fucked cum soaked hole this stud this star on the high school gym team was about to fuck me. His own massive nude little lolas models head was now little legal lolita models pushing into me and I was rubbing his arms as he fucked his teen cock into my wet lolita xxx pic galleries hole and we smiled at each other now half his cock in me Todd said " and next you fuck tiffany teen lollipop video me dude" You would have thought Todd was on those bars at school he moved his young free lolitas image slim body so well as he fucked cock into me pounding my hole and filling it with that thick boy cock of his soon he was shooting his teen load into me mixing it with dad's. As he fell onto me spent after filling me with his cum we looked over and Mike was there fucking my dad pushing that big cock of his into my dad's hole. Todd said My dad really know how to fuck a male pussy" I looked at him and said "Have you two done it before?" Todd brushed my hair and said "Hell yes we have been fucking each other for years now and nude innocent pics lolitas always will but you know I am so glad that we four now have a thing going Kevin" We hugged and then after Mike came in my dad we got out naked now to have a few beers in the cool of the night.If you would like more let me know and for a picture of a mature Kevin write you must give your age for legal reasons to get a picture.
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